Trinity 150

What is Trinity 150?

Trinity 150 is a major 5-year development project which started 5 years ago with the focus of developing three pillars of the school on the day of the 150th anniversary. Restoration and renovation projects, buildings and facilities, and IT technology infrastructure are the three pillars of development focused on this project. These 3 types of projects were initiated to ensure that Trinity College adopts the changing needs of society and that it can continue to uphold its reputation as the best school of all. These new changes ensured that not only Trinity college is a 150-year-old institution with a rich history but also an institution with the means and ability to take on the future.

Trinity 150 Celebration logo

The new improvements

Restoration and renovation projects

This area focuses on renovating the already existing buildings which are filled with their historic value. Each building has its piece of the Trinity college story and the aim of Trinity college 150 or T150 was not to change it completely but to renovate and restore these buildings so that they may serve generations to come and strengthen the story of Trinity.

The restoration of David Paynter’s murals at the College Chapel, The Napier house, and the Alison house was among the renovation and restoration projects by T150.

Alison House Renovation. photo courtesy :
Chapel: Restoration of David Paynter Murals. photo courtesy :

New buildings and facilities

This project of T150 focused on building new facilities to further uplift the functionality of the school and prepare it for the changing needs of society by equipping the students with the best possible infrastructure. And also it focused on expanding the total capacity for students which paves the way for more fortunate young students to go along the path to becoming a gentleman of Trinity.

The new buildings and facilities include a new state-of-the-art sports complex hall at Asgiriya, A new science laboratory block, a new commerce block, and also a new dining hall and kitchen complex.

New Sports complex at Asgiriya. photo courtesy :
New Science Laboratory Block. photo courtesy :

IT and technological infrastructure

This segment of the project focuses on developing and further strengthening the technological infrastructure of the school. This project by Trinity 150 will ensure that the students are equipped to meet the changes in technology. With these improvements, the students are deeply immersed in technology and even new learning methods can be implemented. Mixing new technology with the learning experience will not only make it convenient but also a fun and an exciting new way to learn.

I love Trinity’s contribution to Trinity 150

As the beginning of the 2022, it was announced that, “I Love Trinity” [ILT] Concept Store will be collaborating with Trinity College Kandy for T150 related memorabilia for 2022. It is noted that all rights for designs, pricing and marketing is at the sole discretion of Trinity College. Every sale generates a royalty in favour of the College, which is utilized for the TCK Co-Curricular Activity Enrichment Initiative [CAEI].

As I Love Trinity, we have the objective of ensuring that the red gold and blue story is celebrated with uniqueness and is accessible to our gentlemen anywhere in the world. The I love Trinity team is uniquely equipped to handle this task along with our creative team of designers and our strong E-commerce foundation. Utilizing all these assets available, I love Trinity aims to provide excellence and quality to truly celebrate theT150 sesquicentennial anniversary of Trinity College Kandy.

We not only merchandise clothing but also set the highest standards for the Trinity brand. Over the years many changes were made to the brand and the logo. Some are so subtle that it escapes an ordinary eye. I love Trinity ensures that every branded merchandise which bears the logo of our prestigious College is standardized and represents the original logo and branding of Trinity College. We have a long range of products for all age categories including memorabilia such as mugs, T-shirts, Special edition ties and other accessories.

Currently, a store dedicated for T150 merchandise is open at the college premises. To expand the reach , there is also a dedicated web portal to buy such T150 memorabilia.

T150 official Memorabilia Store at the upper school

These collections of memorabilia are designed with the 4 pillars of T150 in mind. Which are,

  1. Celebrate the past
  2. Map the future
  3. Service to humanity
  4. Care for our common home.

150 years of Trinity and it is still only the beginning, there are much more stories and memories to be made and a legacy to be continued. We at I love Trinity will proudly be a part of that journey flying the red gold and blue colors higher than ever.

Cheers to another 150 years!

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